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Besides being the capital of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela is also a beautiful city that has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. VTC Spain and its private hire vehicle service allow you to visit the city and its surroundings, and manage your transfers with absolute comfort.
The first thing to visit in Santiago, of course, is the famous cathedral, built through the centuries in styles that go from the romanesque to the baroque, and declared by the spanish government as a "Bien de Interés Cultural" as an heritage site. Inside the cathedral we can find the Portico of Glory, built by master Mateo, one of the greatest works of medieval art in the world. In front of the cathedral, the Obradoiro square is the meeting point for pilgrims who reach the city after finishing the Camino de Santiago, and you can find in it every day travellers from around the world celebrating having arrive to their destination.
Aside of the cathedral, Santiago has also an impressive cultural heritage. We can visit for example the monastery of San Martín Pinario and its collection of religious art, or walk around the old town, full of palaces and old convents.
When in Galicia, it's mandatory to try the rich gastronomy of the region, centered around seafood and fish. Dishes like "pulpo a feira" or "lacón con grelos" deserve a stop to taste them as they should. In Santiago we can do so in places like the "mercado de abastos" (food market) or the bars around the "Rúa do Franco".
Besides tourism, Santiago also has a vibrant economic activity. Its university has almost 20.000 students that give the city a lively nightlife, and several technological companies are also located here. All of this is supported by a transport infrastructure that other big capitals would envy: Santiago has an international airport and an AVE (high speed train) station that link it directly to Madrid, and are used by thousands of pilgrims to go back to their homes once they have finished their Camino de Santiago. VTC Spain provides transfer services to all those travellers who need a link in their train or plane trips: airport transfers, hotel transfers, transferring to another town or to their starting point along the Camino...

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